28 March 2010

spring cleaning

I'm a little in love with my serger. And with sewing. And knitting. I'm half done with 2 scarves; I got a bit stalled on both because I don't actually know how to switch to a new skein of yarn. I mean, you basically just tie a knot, but there seem to be several ways to do this, some better than others I think? I don't know, it's all very confusing. But fun! And my serger, oh my serger--so far, I've only modified a tank top (somewhat successfully) and made myself a pair of underwear (new favorite thing to do, though I still need to perfect my pattern), but I cannot get over how magical it is. It's so fast! And it cuts off the seam allowance and makes this perfect seam! And I really cannot believe how many different stitches my machine has. It's an Elna Pro 5DC (photo from yesterday!) that originally retailed for about $1100, sold between 1992-1997. I bought mine for much much less than that at Milwaukee Sewing Machine (which is an awesome store, by the way). It does everything but a cover stitch; even a chain stitch, which will come in handy when I make jeans, which will happen soon. And oh, I bought some amazing cotton jersey knit for t-shirts at Vogue Fabrics today, and some great sale t-shirt knits at Hancock last week. I have a truly ridiculous amount of fabric right now, and there are so many things I want to sew. I haven't felt this excited about sewing in a long time, and I am more determined than ever to find time to sew everyday. Which seems like a pipe dream, as I've been completely unsuccessful so far, but I need to make it happen. I feel a bit ridiculous about this, but I've been thinking so much this week about what I want my life to look like and where I want to be in five years, and I am less and less convinced that history and library science is where I want to be, at least in the near future. I want to get my PhD someday, I want to be a librarian someday, but I don't know anymore if those are things that I want to do immediately when I complete my MA/MLIS coursework.

Yikes, heavy! I cannot believe I have to go back to school tomorrow. Literally--I cannot quite imagine myself as a grad student right now. I'll have to figure that out within the next 12 hours or so, I guess. I'm sure I'll feel differently when I'm back at school tomorrow, but right now, I just want to quit school and make my living as a seamstress. Or something. Maybe I should just win the lottery, that would be lovely.

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