25 May 2010


plarn I turned in final grades yesterday afternoon, which means I am officially done with spring semester. To celebrate, I went out for dinner and was in bed by 9.

I ran some errands this morning--including mailing an Etsy order (!!!)--and then spent some time cleaning the house. (I get very confused when I don't have schoolwork to do. Which is not even actually the case, as I have a thesis proposal that I'm supposed to be finishing & submitting by the end of the month. Which is the end of this week. Crap.) I also started a new knitting project! This will possibly one day be a shopping bag; so far, it is just sort of lame. Knitting with plastic-bag yarn (sorry, PLARN, ugh why do they think of such stupid words for things) is not quite as awesome and it sounds. But! I'm going to end up using 50-60 plastic bags (or less? or more? I don't know.) instead of throwing them away, so whatever I guess. It definitely feels good to do some crafting. I think tomorrow will be more knitting and possibly some serging. And oh, probably I should work on that thesis proposal.

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