26 May 2010

things are happening

Today has been super awesome. I woke up early, made coffee, and dealt with some emails and other things. Nathan and I went out for breakfast at Cafe Hollander (meh) and then went to Goodwill. I found 3 cardigans (!!!) plus a bunch of t-shirts that will be good for refashioning. Possibly they will turn out awful, but possibly not!

inner workings of my serger

 I made a bandanna for Nathan, which took roughly 334 hours. Well, the bandanna took about 2 minutes to make, but it was preceded by at least 579 hours of messing with my serger (threading/rethreading/messing with settings/changing needle plates/etc) before it would do a rolled hem. But I figured it out! And made a bandanna! No photo though, the hem was sort of wavy; possibly a tension issue? Whatever, it is a bandanna and Nathan is wearing it at work RIGHT NOW.

red tank top

I also finished binding the armholes of a red tank top I started sometime last year. Slow-going, and sort of frustrating as the tank top is too big and will probably not be worn outside the house. It's really not worth ripping out a bunch of seams to resize it, as the fabric is just awful, but it's lightweight, so it'll be fine to wear around the house on stupid gross humid days like today. I still need to hem it; I'm thinking this would be a good time to practice doing a blind hem.

Exciting! Seriously, I am excited about sewing. This summer is shaping up to be amazing. I've got a bunch of organizing to do over the next few days, and then I can start working on some sweet projects I've got planned. More on that soon.

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