05 June 2010


future cowl, originally uploaded by marinatina.

So I started knitting a cowl on circular needles a few days ago, and I am kind of in love with knitting in the round. (Originally typed "knitting in the rough," which sounds... dirty?) This was taken the second day I worked on it (first day was entirely casting on, which was super tedious), and I'm already much further. Knitting in the round moves super fast, apparently? Or maybe it just seems that way because you don't have to constantly stop to switch needles.

It will eventually be a cowl. It's knit in stockinette stitch, essentially. I didn't consult a pattern, and I based the number of stitches on how many I could fit on the needle with the amount of yarn I gave myself to cast on. Lesson learned--probably allow for more yarn than you think you need, because this ended up slightly smaller than I planned on. After casting on once to see if I could actually knit in the round and then ripping that out to cast on for real, I could not handle the thought of casting on that many stitches a third time. Hopefully it'll fit over my big head! If not, maybe I can give it to someone? It's knit with a ball of yarn I bought for a dollar (or $3 maybe?) at a thrift store. Probably acrylic, but I really really love the color.

Anyway, fun stuff! This weekend will mostly be schoolwork and hockey and a housewarming party, but maybe I'll have time to do some sewing tomorrow morning. I'm really really loving this summer so far.

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