29 June 2010

hello i love you

hey there little guy Look, it's a squirrel! He was hanging outside our bedroom window a few days ago. I have absolutely no crafting or cooking or traveling or outside-my-house photos to share, but hey, isn't that squirrel adorable?

I've actually been doing some sewing lately (as the stupid weather is not so stupidly hot lately) but it hasn't been going very well. I've been learning a lot of things that will serve me well in the future but are really frustrating in the present. For example, deciding "f--k* it, I'll just wing it!" when you're altering a men's button down shirt for the first time and have zero idea what you're doing is actually, surprisingly, not a good idea! Especially when the men's shirt is not quite big enough to do what you want to do with it, and you end up taking apart almost the entire thing, and you decide "hmm perhaps I will turn it around, shirts that button up the back are adorable!" and then you make eight other stupid decisions to try to make it work, and also fitting shirts is hard and sooo depressing when you are perhaps frustrated by the size and shape of your, you know, self, and also sewing darts is so hard and why can I not properly draft a bodice sloper with an accurate bust point and on and on an on. Basically, learning things is hard sometimes! I do not like to be reminded that I am not actually that good at sewing clothing. (Yet!) For now, I have decided that I am going to not work on that stupid men's shirt refashion for at least a week, and in the meantime, I will sew some easier clothing (tank tops and shift dresses, I think) and also sew some quilts and bags and things I'm actually really good at sewing. I just found out I'll be able to participate in Craftacular in August, so I have approximately 500 things that I'd like to sew before then. So I will sew things I'm good at (or things that are easy) for awhile and then maybe eventually I will finish that stupid shirt.

And also, I will continue to enjoy my summer! It has actually been pretty great so far. Kira visited, which basically made my entire summer, and my sister is visiting this weekend to look at apartments (because she and her boyfriend are moving here, which made my entire year!!!), and Nathan somehow continues to get more awesome, and summer classes have actually been pretty okay (I'm learning how to create book indexes, which is seriously really nerdy fun), and yeah, things are sort of great. Awesome!

* (a) I think it's so dumb when people censor curse words on their blogs but (b) I realize that not everyone loves cursing as much as me, so maybe I'll do this for awhile? We'll see.

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