04 May 2006

it's a cap, not a hat

I picked up my baccalaureate tickets, my commencement tickets, and my cap and gown today. I wore the cap for the first 1/2 hour I was at work, but then I had to go to another lab, and I decided I'd feel a little too silly walking down the street in my cap and my tassle and my t-shirt and jeans.

My cap is black and the gown is purple; explain that to me. I got a super special gold tassle for being a nerd, and I also got a purple tassle with a tacky green "commerative" 175 anniversary medallion. Why is the medallion neon green if the school's colors are purple and white? At least I think that's what the school's colors are... Can you sense the depths of my school spirit? Can you?

I finished my take-home final earlier today. Fifteen minutes before the noon deadline, to be exact. I have a final tomorrow and a final on Monday, and then I'll be done. Except for the baccalaureate ceremony on Tuesday and commencement on Thursday. I'm planning on being drunk for one or both of them. They're both in the morning, which makes my decision to be drunk just a little bit classier.

I'm glad my full name isn't anywhere on this blog, because if potential employers started googling my name and saw how much I talk about getting drunk, it would probably make a bad impression.

Good lord, this is boring. That's all that's going on in my life, though--graduation and drinking. Speaking of which, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, so those of you who are reading this in New York should contact me and come drink with me tomorrow night. It will be awesome, I promise.

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