11 June 2006

bells and whistles

Just in case you've been dying to see new, pretty pictures (especially if you're dying to see new, pretty pictures of cats), I updated my flickr.com page. You should check it. I mean, why not?

In other news, the following things made me cry last night--

At least four different scenes in In Her Shoes, which some might call an underappreciated screen gem, if by some you mean “people who like touching yet formulaic movies”

The end of a particularly touching episode of Sports Night, which is actually an underappreciated TV show, or rather, was underappreciated until it was prematurely cancelled

I'm not really sure why. I'm probably going crazy. I'm on the last disc of the Sports Night boxed set, so I'm going to go watch more of it. I really wish it had gone on for more seasons.

There are other more important things going on, but I can't talk about them yet. Probably by tomorrow night I'll know something more.


  1. We have new steps in the back, and Sasha's new favorite hang out is the top step. Freddy-Frankie loves to sprawl on the yellow table. And Lucy continues to search for betterhjiding places.

  2. I'm glad Dad put the new steps in; when I was home, I was starting to think I was going to get a call in a month or so because one of you fell through the old steps and twisted your ankle. That was some tough grammar.

    Kira and I are probably going to get kittens soon. Don't tell the cats.