22 August 2006

stop hassling me!

Short List of Things That Happened Since My Last Post

(1) Partied with rock stars.

(2) Went shopping with my mom and got two (2) pairs of shoes, bringing my shoe total to two (2).

(3) Went to an awesome party at Jason's house.

(4) Spent time with my grandma and saw my aunt and my cousin and his friend for the first time in years.

(5) Stopped getting paid check by Internet.

(6) Decided to apply for Teach for America and move to Chicago.

(7) So many other overwhelming things that I can't even remember them.

Now that I'm down to one job, I will have the time and energy to write something besides lists or transcribed conversations. I obviously don't have the energy to do so tonight, but Jason's been hassling me to post about the rock stars, as the partying happened at his house. That's right, rock stars partied at Jason's house last week.

Seriously though, Ankla is the best new band out there, and you should all listen to their music and go to their show with me this Sunday if you're in New York.


  1. Lizette8:34 AM

    so you're leaving ny? for sure - or only if teach for america works out? (find me on that gmail-chat thing or perhaps on aim.... i have no idea what's going on with you, it seems.)

  2. edgar has a huge head.

    shouldn't that shoe count be 4?