24 October 2006

the world is going crazy

I don't even know how to explain how confused I was last night... I was sitting on the A train, minding my own business. Sometime after 59th street, I want to say between the 72nd and 86th street stops, a guy on the other end of the car took out a pipe or something and started smoking. And not cigarettes, which would have been weird enough but not unprecedented. No, this guy was smoking weed. On the A train! And it was only like midnight! I just... it was so confusing. The guy sitting across from me started cracking up, and I just sat there, reading The New Yorker, trying to figure out if it smelled like weed or possibly crack. I don't know what crack smells like or anything, but somehow it didn't smell like weed. Still, there's no way someone was actually smoking crack on the subway, right?

Then, on the way from the subway station to my apartment, I saw a rat again on the same trash pile as last night and decided I should avoid that side of the street.

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