01 November 2006

me gusta canada.

Oh dearies, so much has been going on, and yet nothing has been going on.

In summary, maybe to be followed by more detail, but probably not because I get lazier with each passing day:

I finished Phase I (really it feels more like Phase L) of something I've been working on, and I'll find out next Wednesday whether there will be a Phase II. I'm ambivalent about whether or not I want there to be a Phase II.

I went to fucking Montreal, and it was more awesome than I ever thought possible. Danielle and Michelle and Kylah were awesome and let me stay with them for the day and a half I was in town; not only that, they picked me up at the bus station at the crack of dawn, drove me around in the rain, made me breakfast, entertained me, helped me find a costume, put up with my neuroses re: said costume, threw an awesome fucking party with all of their awesome fucking friends, and generally made last weekend the best weekend I've had in months.

Probably there will be more about that later, including stories of pineapples and Canadian beer and adventures at customs.

What else... work is better. I'm learning things about Macs, which made it much less scary when my iBook suddenly stopped loading OSX. It's fixed now, thank jebus.

Other things have happened, but I'm too tired to remember them. In conclusion, I will be back in the homeland in 21 days or so, finally. I've been looking forward to Thanksgiving since August. Apparently the Packers game is on Monday night that weekend, which seems like some kind of cruel torture since I'm flying back on Monday morning, but I get to see my family and my friends and Jason's TiVo-ing a Wild-Canucks game (and a Packers game?) for us to watch on his new TV and Jeb might visit and Scott's gonna visit and I'm, like, so fucking excited OMG.

Isn't it fun when I talk about Phases of plans I don't explain and briefly mention pepole you don't know? I remember when this was going to be a way for me to practice real, actual writing, where I would make an effort and everything. Ha! Fuck that shit.

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