21 March 2007


So I've noticed that people are actually, like, checking this page every day and stuff (by people I mean I get like two hits a day now instead of none), so I thought I'd let you know that I'm working on writing about going to Philadelphia on St. Patrick's Day and also the bizarro blackout last night, but I spent most of my free time today working on a website which I then proceeded to break, so the writing thing is sort of on the backburner until I figure out what I did. Oh, and I had this post planned about how I'm fascinated with Photo Booth and the fact that I've totally gone fatty (I swear I used to be an athlete, where did this double chin come from?) but then Rosa, the awesome cleaning lady at work, told me I look thinner and/or taller, so fuck that shit. Oh, also that would totally be an anti-feminist thing to write, I love my body, blah fucking blah. Right now, I couldn't play a period of hockey much less a whole game, and that is way more depressing to me than my fat ass. Not that I'm depressed though; it's totally almost spring, and I still love my computer, and also this weekend is fixing to be fucking awesome.

I really shouldn't have started drinking more coffee at 9pm.


  1. Hockey may be gone (hard to find ice in the city in spring) but come biking with your friends instead. I know you have a bike

  2. dude i totally should. i just have to buy a helmet, then we can go to that park you and kira are always biking in. by the hudson or whatever?