20 June 2007

open letter

Dear Kira,

It seems you left a bottle of Hennessy in the cabinet. You don't seem like a cognac person; maybe Max left it here? Maybe you bought it for a party? Who really knows; the point is, I love you so much right now. Oh, also, you know those little water glasses you got at Ikea? They're just the right size to pretend that they're tumblers ("lowball" glasses? rocks glasses? Old fashioned glasses? Confusing!).

In conclusion, you are the best. Let's video chat soon!


1 comment:

  1. Dearest Marina,

    Apparently, the internet erased my original letter, so I will try to write my original thoughts. Do you really think Max is a cognac person? He and I are very excited for dulce de leche liqour. However, I am very glad you can drink far classier drinks in our apartment. You must have some ice that isn't composed of coffee, unless cognac and coffee go well together. Just a joke, darling, never fear. Be well!