24 June 2007


What we have right here is a life-changing moment, for me of course. Like I care about anyone else's life and/or moments! (Kidding!) I have made a decision, actually it's something that I've been thinking about for awhile, and I just took the second-to-last decisive step. But I can't talk about it until I take the last decisive step, so whatever will I do? This is just boring and annoying if you're not me! (Unlike everything else I write, obviously!)

All right. Never mind all that "my life is changing in a way so exciting I can't actually talk about it, woops, why did I even bring it up," check out this clip, hereafter known as The Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen on YouTube Ever. It starts slow, but it gets so awesome.

Never give up, guys. Never give up.

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