18 July 2009

patience is a virtue

Ooh, it is no fun being broke, especially when it is mostly self-inflicted due to lack of proper planning and saving. Ugh, boring right? It has actually encouraged me to be more creative about cooking, and I came up with an awesome tomato sauce recipe, which has me feeling like a bit of a culinary genius. Growing my own basil was an awesome idea.

I went to the Dane County Farmers' Market with Kira's mom this morning, which was amazing, though not being able to spend any money was kind of lame. Also, I did something to my back last night, so walking kind of makes me want to cry. (Wow, I like to complain, it seems.) We went inside the state capitol for a few minutes (the farmers' market stalls are sort of ringed around the Capitol building), which was pretty impressive. Wisconsin pride, etc.

What else? Some sewing happened yesterday; more will happen today. Being broke may suck, but it has really encouraged me to get off my ass and try to make some things and hopefully make back some of the [too many] dollars I've spent on fabric over the past few months.

Ugh talking about money is boring. Enjoy some photos of produce; I'm going to go sew.

squash knot

pink and green

packer beans!

biggest portabello mushroom i have ever seen

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