19 July 2009

comedians of comedy

Is what I'm watching. It's pretty great! Nathan and I were going to bike to Bayview (to go to Sparrow Collective, check it out), but he had Dear Astronaut things to do (they're trying out a new drummer), and I screwed up my back again. Lower back this time, which is twice as annoying as it makes it twice as hard for me to, you know, move. The best part? I think I pulled a muscle or whatever as I was falling asleep two nights ago. I used to be an athlete and get injured while competing or whatever, and now I hurt myself while sleeping.

Ugh. Anyway. I'm probably going to make jam later, which is cool. I've been walking around the apartment, trying to psyche myself up for the two block walk to Erin's house. Or three? Fuck. Anyway, homemade strawberry jam! Totes awesome. I sewed a bunch yesterday, before my back got really bad (or perhaps I sat hunched over my sewing table for a couple hours and then my back got much worse?), so as soon as I can manage to sit at the sewing table to put everything together, I will have five or six new bags. Awesome! I am going to go take some more ibuprofen.

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