03 September 2009

still here!

There are roughly 23 things that I've been meaning to write about (school started this week, there was a shooting at one of my favorite bars, other things too I think), not least among them my guest blogging stint at Presserfoot, and I think that I will finally have time to write about all of those lovely things this weekend. Although I am also planning to do some fabric shopping (lining + muslin for the Presserfoot dress project, solid color cotton for some quilts that I've been thinking about) and also hopefully phone shopping (that new t-mobile mytouch thing!) and probably some cooking and cleaning and such, so there's that. And I should really buy an external hard drive so I can move all 60gb of photos off of my computer (yes, I know, I have a problem). And also I want to get another week or two ahead in planning for the class I'm teaching (TA-ing? is that a word?) and also I have to take classes myself. Which, lame. But yeah, I'm gonna need to do some reading for school. What was I talking about? Never mind! I hope you are having a lovely day. I taught at 8am this morning, and I'm about to go back to campus for a class that ends at 9:40 tonight. FEEL SORRY FOR ME!

Alright, note to self, drink less coffee. Or maybe more?

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