08 September 2009

dressed up

So here is my first blog post at Presserfoot. It's very strange writing something when you know people are actually going to read it. People you don't know; people who don't know you; people who don't yet think your special combination of cursing, digressions, and crushing self-doubt, is super duper charming. Um anyway. Dress #1.

Dress #2? Dressform.

dress form!!!!

It was cheap(ish) and in-stock when I bought notions for Dress #1 on Saturday, so I decided that I've sewn enough clothes (and have plans for enough new projects) to justify buying one. And oh, it is going to change my life. Or at least my ability to sew awesome, well-fitted garments.

There is more to share, but I find myself feeling a bit ill. UWM just sent around an email reminding everyone to wash their hands and avoid public places when ill--apparently there's a new case of swine flu on campus--and I'm hoping this current wooziness that I'm feeling is a hypochondriac thing, not an H1N1 thing. Probably I should go lie down just in case. Do you think red wine combats psychosomatic swine flu? Only one way to find out!

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