05 January 2010

dulce de leche

Look what I got for Christmas!

I wanted to include a photo of some of what I made today, but I couldn't manage to take a good photo of anything. Things I made: egg bake (delicious!), red beans (delicious?), 2 potholders, 2 zip purses, and... that's all! But it was a good day, really. Sewing and cooking and staying warm, mostly. Apparently I can't have my computer, sewing machine, iron, and space heater plugged in at the same time. But hey, on the plus side, my surge protector shuts off automatically when it's overloaded!

Anyway, I'm driving up north tomorrow, and Nathan is staying here, so we're going to go out for drinks or something, I think. But first, red beans and rice! I love winter break.

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