15 January 2010


So, it seems that my student loan excess check is going to be sent out next Wednesday, not today as I had assumed/hoped. Shit. No money for Doctor's Without Borders for Haiti, no groceries for me.

This will be okay though. Well, obviously it will be okay--being broke for a few extra days is really not a big deal--but I am determined to not let this get me all mopey/panicky. That would be dumb, of course, but it would also be the normal way that I react to such situations. Money sucks! Especially not having it.

Anyway! Look on the bright side, etc, whatever. This weekend, I will sew some things for a shop update on Monday, and I will make a whole lot of homemade pasta with my Best Christmas Present ever pasta roller attachment thing. (That might be Exhibit A in the This Will Be Okay/Things Are Not Actually Bad At All... case? Lost that one in the middle.) I made some fettuccine a few days ago, and Nathan said it might be the best dinner we'd had in months. Six eggs + a bunch of flour = fresh pasta for days. I will probably also do a lot of cooking with whatever we have in the house (so, beans and bread, probably).

So that's something like a plan. I would write more about it, but I really want to start sewing. So, I will do that, and you will tell me what you're doing this weekend. Anything fun?

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